Cape Breton Flourishes with Recent Development!

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Cape Breton Flourishes with Recent Development!

Post by Justin076 on Sat Apr 02, 2016 9:59 pm

The Kingdom of Cape Breton Flourishes with Recent City Development!

The Kingdom of Cape Breton located on Cape Breton Island in North-East North America has been flourishing with recent infrastructure development put forward by the Cape Breton Government in the nations capital and the one other settlement in the Kingdom. With the help of the infrastructure grant program offered by the GPA, Cape Breton has been able to have a quick and steady increase in development and a huge economic boom! The population is greatful for the aid the GPA has offered to help quickly develop the Kingdom. The Government plans to fill the imporovment slots over the next few days when the Kingdom holds enough money and resources to fill the slots!

Cape Breton Government Anounces Plans for Additional City Development!
The Cape Breton Government announced today that they plan on establishing a 3rd settlement in the Kingdom sometime over the next week! The name of the settlement is unknown at this time. Stay tuned for future announcements from the Government of Cape Breton to hear the exciting new name of the 3rd settlement!



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