Cape Breton Armed Forces on High Alert

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Cape Breton Armed Forces on High Alert

Post by Justin076 on Sun Jun 05, 2016 5:34 pm

The Cape Breton Armed Forces are on High Alert

Following the beginning of the GPA War with the Nuclear Knights, the Kingdom of Cape Breton placed its military on a war footing which remains in place as of today. All 45 thousand service members of the Cape Breton Navy, Air Force and Army have been called into active duty and have been ready to respond to any situation. The 4 commissioned naval ships of the Royal Cape Breton Navy, HMS Sydney Mines, HMS North Sydney, HMS Clarke and HMS Justin have all been deployed to various locations and are prepared for war, or to complete any operation they are ordered to do. The Royal Cape Breton Air Force has increased in size by almost 70 War Planes since the war began. Cape Breton Air Force bases, Baddeck, and Glace Bay as well as an overseas base have all been in complete readiness. All 236 F-22 Fighter Air Planes within the air force have been armed and are on standby. The Cape Breton Army has also been put on high alert, the army has been deployed to several locations within the GPA, one in particular is DeustchReich, 2000 members of the Cape Breton Army have been deployed on an advisement/logistical role, they have been helping the nation of DeustchReich complete their various operations throughout the NK War. An additional 3000 members have been depoyled to several GPA Nations to help with post-nuclear strike cleanups, assessment and rescue missions. The Cape Breton Armed Forces are anticipating to receive action in the war in several days, if and when this occurs, they are confident they will be ready to fight and protect the Green Protection Agency!  

Some Pictures of the Armed Forces taken since the NK War Began.

HMS Clarke and HMS Justin patrol the Hudson Bay in the Arctic Ocean near the nation of the United Valyrian Islands.

Two F-22 Fighters of the Royal Cape Breton Air Force complete air patrols in the North Atlantic.

Leopard 2 tanks with the Cape Breton Army complete live fire training exercises at the Army's 3000 hectare New Waterford training area



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Re: Cape Breton Armed Forces on High Alert

Post by Hunter on Sun Jun 05, 2016 9:06 pm

The DeustchReich Bundeswehr soldiers in Cape Breton have been placed on high alert, for maximum efficiency. The Bundeswehr is handing over their control to Cape Breton Forces till this time of crisis is over. The DeustchReich is currently in a state of emergency after the 2016 Berlin Terror attacks, all military personnel are now taking over police rolls, naval ships are constantly patrolling the seas, and the Luftwaffe is patrolling the airs with orders to shoot down any air crafts on site unless with proper air codes provided by The Minister of Defense and Ministry of Interior

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