Earth Day in Cape Breton!

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Earth Day in Cape Breton!

Post by Justin076 on Fri Apr 22, 2016 5:29 pm

The Kingdom of Cape Breton Celebrates Earth Day!

The Kingdom of Cape Breton celebrates Earth Day today. Demonstrations and other acts were carried out throughout the Kingdom today to celebrate Earth Day. The Government of Cape Breton announced that they would be spending 2 Million Dollars to build recycling centers in all of the Kingdom's cities to cut pollution to zero. Something they are now proud to say has been a success, pollution in the Kingdom is near non-existent. This has helped decrease disease rates, make Cape Breton a healthier and greener country. King Justin of Cape Breton reassured that his nation is committed to ending global warming and to stop climate change which has been caused by green house gas emissions. He also announced the funding to open more green spaces throughout his nation, including parks and nature reserves. The Government finished off the day by strengthening the countries hunting and fishing laws. Over the next 2 years the Government plans to give out 30% less hunting licences and 20% less fishing licences. They also criminalized sport hunting, stating that sport hunting is unneeded and a disgraceful act. The King also began legislation to criminalize sport fishing in the country.

A look inside one of the countries recycling centers.

One of the newly opened parks in the nations Capital, Sydney Mines.

Happy Earth Day from the Kingdom of Cape Breton!



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Re: Earth Day in Cape Breton!

Post by Francisco II on Sat Apr 23, 2016 1:21 am

Congrats from Reunited Palmia! We in Palmia really care about the enviroment, and we already had recycling center to keep our landscape clean and shiny. Our kids visited these centers and they learned to follow the recycling rules, we are really happy to know other fellow greens are working to keep Orbis clean.
Too bad a kid fall in a paper grinder and dye the paper red... Happy Earth Day!


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