Election for Eprain's Ground Forces General

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Election for Eprain's Ground Forces General

Post by Chan Shang on Thu May 12, 2016 1:37 pm


It was about time for elections to kick off,to see who people voted for their General.
General Ha Jin Kwan was the Marshal of the loyal army ever since dictator Chan came to power,however did people vote to keep his career moving or did he get down-ranked?

----Below is the list of candidates and the description of their career and achievements----

Candidates :

1.Ha Jin Kwan - The very first person to become a General of the Eprain's army.He came to this title because Chan saw his full loyalty and dedication to the country.He is a veteran.He participated in Korean war that took place 6 years ago.By that time he was a Major in South Korean army.He is well educated in military tactics.
2.Si Yong Gi - Si Yong Gi served in South Korean army as well.It is unknown if he knows Jin Kwan personally.He prefers effectivness and efficiency over amount.That means he spends more time managing the weapons and the rest of the gear,instead of training more soldiers.He says "Imagine i have 20 soldiers.You might have 70 soldiers,running around with busty old equipment while my guys have proper food rations,water supply,modern weapons and each of them is worth like 10 yours." Yong knows all the military teqniques there is to know,but his loyalty is unknown.
3.Ku Tae Hyun - Not much is known about his early military career.Some say he was shot 3 times in total.He survived each time.He applied to be a candidate because he thinks he has what it takes to be the one 2nd in charge of the army.His note : "Military personel come here with a bunch of training and combat experience to be something.It doesn't work like that.You need management experience too.You might have a lot of combat experience,but what for,if you can't even count to 10." Before his enlistment in military,he was a soccer manager in Germany.That might be the reason he thinks he has management experience to properly take care of the army.
4.T'an Kyung - He was never in a real combat situation unlike the others.He spent all that time behind a desk studiying.Interesting thing is that when he took an IQ test,his score was 16/20.If something needs to be done,he will do it.He will even make it personal,just to complete his objective.He wrote a well known book "Outflank the outflanked".He donated $60,000 to Eprain's army from his own pocket.

Here is the picture of the 4 candidates together :

These were the citizen's votes :

Total Eprain Population(current) : 424,401

Ha Jin Kwan has won the elections,and he is ready to continue as the General and 2nd in charge of the ground forces!
Chan Shang honoured him and said he is proud to have such a good man under his command.

MILITARY PARADE was made in order to honor the country and the represent the strong dictator Chan and General Kwan.
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