Mosquito on the Wall

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Mosquito on the Wall

Post by Athretvari on Tue Dec 15, 2015 11:46 pm

OOC RP Info:
This is an open RP for all members of the GPA.

Basically, this is a running "story" about our nations, their interactions, the GPA alliance, and what's going on in PW.

RP as the ambassador from your country to the GPA. Through our ambassador characters, their private and public actions and interactions, we can RP the development of relations between our nations, explore our national cultures and histories, RP the development of the GPA, and other actual PW events, like trade, the founding or expansion of cities, GPA assistance programs, embargoes, and wars. Follow GPA War Guidelines. Do not post actual military information or plans here!

This RP takes place at the GPA headquarters in the Amazon. Places include the buildings on and around the main campus of the GPA Headquarters, such as the GPA general assembly, the Ambassador Hotel, and any other places you can tie-in through your RP, such as a scene involving your national leaders back home in your capital.

Any questions, hit me up via message. No signup necessary, just create an ambassador (name and gender) and start RPing their experiences representing your nation in the halls of the GPA HQ.

Ambassador Hotel, Suite 550 — 11:19 PM

Paul Novomme tried desperately to get comfortable. He lay on a large soft bed staring up at the ceiling’s ornate plaster molding when a huge black mosquito landed on his nose. He instinctively smacked a hand across his face and it buzzed away toward the open balcony doors. ”Little bastard.”

He lifted himself slowly from the bed and walked onto his small balcony. His hotel room looked out across a large artificial lake that separated the Ambassador Hotel from the main grounds of the GPA's Headquarters.

The air was hot, oppressively hot, and humid. "Who builds a city in the middle of a jungle?" Paul wondered as he pulled a sleeve across his forehead and eyes to wipe away streams of sweat. A large black mosquito landed on his hand. He restrained an urge to pull away and left his hand perfectly still.

Paul watched as the mosquito rubbed long hind legs together and then felt a tiny prick as the little monster plunged its proboscis into his skin. He slapped down with his other hand and lifted it away to find a bright red bruise but no mosquito. He laughed for a second until it buzzed passed his ear. Flinging his arms around in a frenzy, he stumbled and fell backward through the open balcony doors and landed with a hard thud. Blackness quickly followed.

Two and a half minutes later...

Paul opened his eyes. He was staring at the ceiling again. His back ached, and his nose itched. ”No!”

Temporarily forgetting the pain radiating from his hip and spine, he hobbled to the mirror. ”No!”

A giant red mosquito bite rose up from the tip of Paul’s nose like a mighty volcano ready to explode. He touched it gingerly. Suddenly the mosquito buzzed his ear again. He swung around with a crazed look in his eyes, “I’m going to kill you! I have to make a speech before the GPA general assembly tomorrow!”

The mosquito landed on the far wall directly above the bed. He ran toward it screaming, “Die! Die!”

There was a sharp knock at the door to Paul’s ambassadorial suite. ”GPA Security! Ambassador Novomme, are you okay?! Open the door! This is GPA Security!”

Paul opened the door.

“GPA Securi...,” the officier looked at Paul’s nose and then smiled. He reached into a side pocket and pulled out a small canister of OFF and handed it to the Athretvar ambassador. “Welcome to the GPA.”

Paul snatched the can, "Thanks!" Then he slammed the door.


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Re: Mosquito on the Wall

Post by Raiden on Tue Dec 15, 2015 11:56 pm

That reminds me, I should go train some Finnish APE (Anti-PEst) Units right about now.

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Re: Mosquito on the Wall

Post by Prezyan on Wed Dec 16, 2015 12:33 am

Name:Nyront Pellex (Nye-ront Pell-Ex)
Occupation: Narvan Ambassador to the GPA
Age: 47
Gender: Male

The Narvan Ambassadorial Estate - Sometime in the Morning

The sound of construction echoed throughout the half-finished room, waking up Nyront Pellex, Ambassador to the GPA. Construction began several weeks ago outside the GPA capital, to build an estate for the residence of the Ambassador; however due to the terrain being completely unknown to Narvan workers, construction has been abysmally slow.

Nyront looked out the window of his half-finished room to see the flag pole on the ground, with the Narvan flag in the mud. Nyront simply chuckled as he turned to get dressed. Several minutes later as he was getting ready to leave, a messenger came.

"Sir," the messenger said, "I have come to tell you that your meeting today has been rescheduled, and that your request for GPA engineers to assist in the construction of the estate has finally been sent to the Directorate for an initial review." Nyront, took a great sigh and questioned the messenger,

"Initial review? INITIAL REVIEW? I sent that request ten days ago! TEN! Ugh. Nonetheless, thank you for telling me this. You're dismissed." Nyront simply turned around, fell back onto his bed and began to drift away to sleep. Until the sound of construction finally caught up with him, that is.

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Re: Mosquito on the Wall

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