The War Ministry of Sortana on Terroism

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The War Ministry of Sortana on Terroism

Post by Lirisa on Thu Jun 16, 2016 10:04 am

"Sir, Lady, The Armed Corps and The Flying Corps are well-equipped, but The Naval Guard still leaves something to be desired. I do not have the ships to defend our fair cities.A terror attack like those we have seen of late in Sortana and Libetopia coordinated with a naval invasion could spell disaster for our costal cities" Lady Ashley,Minister of the Navies spoke plainly.

"My lady, your fears are unwarranted. The Sanguine Trone and its subjects will stand strong in the face of terror. Even after the tradgey in Greenwood, our princess remained resolute in rebuilding and strengthing." Lady Morgan, Minster of the Flying Corps spoke proudly.

"Those agents were novices. They had no time to learn their craft before the butchers did what they did.We need to put boots on the grounds." Sir Fox pointed to Sortanese flag draped above the chamber "That flag is there because we took to the streets. We killed the fascist pigs; we didn't talk to them. "

Lady Morgan said "And when these cowards come again, do we kill them again, Sir Riley?"

"Our princess does sit on the sanguine throne, my lady." Fox quipped. "If blood must flow to secure peace, then their blood can be added with that of the fascists' we vanquished."

"Shall we inform families of Sortana to keep a meal ready for the soldiers who will bust down their doors?" Morgan retorted. "This is nonsense. We cannot have troops in Sortana during peace,this is what we fought against, Riley!"

"Sir Riley " - The Princess said coming in rushed manner with a person next to her and the head of impressive wooden desk.

All three bowed lightly. "Apologies, sir." and Riley acknowledged the apology.

"Welcome home, Your Highness. How are our allies?" Lady Ashley asked.

"Managing.The war is over at least. Sortana was blessed to be spared the misfortune of nuclear war.That discussion is not for now though. Ladies, sir, allow me to introduce Sir John Smith." Sir John is henceforth, Minister of Information." The knight bowed softly as he was introduced. "Sir John has plan to eliminate this terroist problem of ours."

"It is simple. Evidence points to the terrorists being funded by foreign nations who had infiltrated our Armed Forces. The attack on Sortana City used weapons marked with The 9th Infantry Division; the hijacking of the HSS Diplomacy and subsuqent bombardment of Aurum could have only with someone with intimate knowledge of the crew, and I recived a confession that Roger O'Neil knew that Sortana plaza would be populated because he received intel from SFC Command. All of your departments have been compromised.I will convince the disloyal subjects of your branches that I am going to buy information and in effect recruit them as counter intelligent agents by misdirectign them with false info."

The meeting concluded simply.


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