Bundeswehr Vehicals

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Bundeswehr Vehicals

Post by Hunter on Fri May 27, 2016 9:36 pm

The Bundeswehr has made some major military reforms and innovations over the past year, after having to cut back on its Infantry, General Wieker began heavy Armor research and after last weeks Bid for the production of the Leopard DR2-7 was one by DeustchArms, the Newly Designed DR2-7 Hit training and saw live combat exercise in this week's OCSO Drills.

Tiger Infantry Personnel Carrier

The New TIP IFV was designed by AerysArms and has been replacing the aging Panther IFV and has seen high remarks from Military Leaders who saw live action of the TIPS due the OCSO military exercise's today

The New DR2-7 which is being produced by DeustchArms was the most anticipated reveal this year for the Bundeswehr, with its leak photos due to the gifting of 10 DR2-7s to Greater Germany earlier this month during the Annual Germanic Festival

AerysArms has been testing and creating a new breed of Armor Vehicals the will be unveild during next years DeustchReich National Day

A Leopard 2 3rd Generation Battletank, it is the current standard Armor force used by the Bundeswehr

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