Quality of Life suggestions for PoW

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Quality of Life suggestions for PoW

Post by Lirisa on Tue Mar 15, 2016 7:14 pm


To me, information could easily be made available to the player is not listed.

I shouldn't need to go into to revenue see how much coal or iron I'm using divide by my cities and then by another three for a singe steel mill when that information could be displayed clearly. If I'm not mistaken I believe steel is .39666.... tons of iron and coal per turn for cost. If I used coal plants, I would have the extra step of having to subtract the needed input of coal for the plants.Though, honestly just opening up project tab tortemember what the values are food can be a tad annoying.Because then that is another click back to cities then the chosen city, if I was already on the city screen.

Under the city where improvement is,after the base description, write something like

"With x Project,x improvement amount produce x tons of x resource daily ( y/ per turn)"

"With x project, x improvement amount produce x tons of x resource daily ( y/ per turn) and will require z tons of y resource daily (r per/ turn.

"With Propaganda Bureau, x military building increases the available recruitment of x (type of unit) per day by x recruitment rate.Does not increase cap.

Projects should show the values of the increase production output and input costs, so the player understands what they are committing to. Also, while it is a small change, I would suggest that numerical values be used in place of the word "double" under Uranium Enrichment. To make the project more friendly to people who maybe speak English as a non-first language.

Also, in the city view, maybe where the calculated cost is have three lines "Original cost: x" "Discounted cost because player has urbanization or Center for Engineering: Y ", "Discounted cost because player has urbanization and Center for Engineering: z"

More quality of life that I would like to see is if is tooltips for Domestic policies in the revenue section. A field that would say in gross income:

Open Markets: 1% if they have Open Markets and 0% if they don't.

Under military expenses show the cost before Imperialism would be applied and after.

When creating a new city, The original price will be listed and "discounted price for Manfiest desnity: X" as well.

With Technological Advancement, a line will be under the resources "discounted price for Technolocial advacment"

Those are all I could think of.

The reason I feel that these would benfit your game is that it will allow players to have the information more readily and anywhere you could make a decision involving those choices you could see " Do I really want to buy Mass Irrigation it would only increase by farm out by x because have that much land. I'm all ready using two slots for uranium mines seeing as it is in effect giving me four mines at base vaule.Maybe that's the better option."

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