Sanguinem, et aurum , et Viridis!

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Sanguinem, et aurum , et Viridis!

Post by Lirisa on Tue Mar 15, 2016 10:32 am

Upon the Sanguine Throne, so named for the honored patriots who died to seat the young princess, and what had once been a humble office chair in corrupt city hall, Her Highness's Royal councilors remind her that from the infancy of the revolution to their current respectable state, The Green Protection Agency has been not only a ally to the fair people of Sortana, but on many occasions has been has keep her people sovereign in their own affairs. Humbly, they request Her Highness consider honoring the noble alliance.

By royal proclamation, all citizens of Green Protection Agency member states are made citizens of The Principality of Sortana and share the rights and privileges natural-born Sortanans, and shall always find warm friendship,hospitality, and protection in the Principality.

Even after the military was formalized, which was much regret to Her Highness, The soldiers of The Green Protection Agency were their protectors. Their homes, their families, their country saved to foreign peoples.Strangers to these lands protected these lands from raiders countless times. These men and women became a second family to the people.

Crowds wave the old "Blood-soaked banner" with The Green Protection Agency flag in celebration.

The center green circle,as Her Highness explains, represents that the GPA has been the cornerstone of Sortana's independence, that the GPA has a place close to the hearts and minds of the people of Sortana, and the circle overlapping of the quadrants represents that they shall share in Sortana's wealth, and have shared in Sortana's blood, and shall share hers for the GPA both blood and gold.

As the flag breaks in the wind, the crowd can be heard crying "Blood, Gold, and Green!"

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