GPA Officials safe in Narvan?

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GPA Officials safe in Narvan?

Post by Prezyan on Tue Nov 24, 2015 4:45 pm

Following the recent Coup d'etat by the Narvan Military, removed His Imperial Grace, Fourth of his Name, Chosen by Heaven, Divinely Guided, and Forever Wise, Emperor Prezyan. Within the day, both Ministries of the Interior and Exterior fell under Military control.

With the fall of the Ministry of the Exterior, GPA officials within Narvan retreated to the GPA Alliance Embassy within the Capital. However, it is currently unknown if the officials will be allowed to remain within Narvan. Currently, Military Police are outside the embassy, armed. No action has been made to take the embassy however, and no GPA officials have been harmed.

The GPA flag was also taken down from its official posts.

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