Press Release on Border Troubles in Nova Scotia

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Press Release on Border Troubles in Nova Scotia

Post by BuySomeChips on Wed Oct 28, 2015 12:03 am

Just in, Gas has been Released on the Border

Many tensions are rising on the border of the Federation of Nova Scotia as some radical extremists of an unknown source ( be it Christianity, Islamic. etc ) have released many canisters of an also unknown gas into the air. Our NSHCC (Nova Scotia Hazard Control Center) are quickly dealing with the situation, and are currently on foot. The group of soldiers are still garbed as training due to such a quick reaction.

Here is a picture of the men in the field, rearming the guns to deal with this conflict.

Here is another picture of one man hiding behind a training APC, just as effective, but less menacing looking. The soldier in the picture Pvt. Coren Fellywin is pressed against a wall, awaiting orders from the rest of the squadren.

The story will update as it develops. Stay tuned.


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