Chapter 1 of Oliver's Works.

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Chapter 1 of Oliver's Works.

Post by BuySomeChips on Wed Oct 14, 2015 8:40 am

Many strange things have happened to Oliver, and no one knows whether or not he is making half of this up, or exaggerating, or if it's real. ALl we know is that he is one of the most enlightened people I know, and this is the fruit of his travels. EDIT: He wrote in third person for an unknown reason... out of body experience?

CHAPTER 1: Bliss
     Oliver awakes, breathing a breath of fresh air, crisp and clean. He wipes the morning sand out of his eyes and sits up in his sleeping bag, just to extend his arms into a stretch, and yawn the tired feeling away. Cleansed of drowsiness, Oliver blinks a few times to confirm his wakefulness. Feeling fresh, he takes a look around his tent, his flashlight and lighter is still where he left it. His green bag of cloths and food is still by the hatch. The blue sleeping bag in which he escaped sleep from is gently crumpled under him.

     The birds outside are chirping, the wind is rustling the trees, and the waves on the beach are hitting the shore in the distance. The ambience is delightful, and Oliver is pleased to hear it for another day. He exits the tent and again, stretches in the light of the sun. Feeling immensely refreshed, Oliver looks towards the sound of the waves, lapping and licking the rocky beach, the gentle touch of water could calm a beast. The mountains, hazy in the distance, give a soft grey reflection in the water. The immense size of such pieces of earth are fierce but also seem to represent peace, as they are so powerful, large, and awe inspiring, but do not harm a single being.

     The grass outside the tent is wet with the dew of the morning, and the mist of the lake is just settling, making the view all the more clear. Oliver runs his feet through the grass, causing the cold beads of water to cling to his feet. Observant and elegant, crows watch from above, on branches of the trees. The edge of the forest in which the crows sit, is very comforting, rather than something to be afraid of. Oliver stares into the deeper part of the wood, and basks in the countless living creatures that nature has provided him to ponder, wonder, and be amazed by.

There comes a sound off in the lake, one that is alien to Oliver. He turns around to see a makeshift raft floating towards his encampment, only held together by the pressure of the box atop it. The remaining mist, clinging low to the water, breezes out of the way of the little wooden raft. The small vessel appears to be vacant of any living creature, but does contain one little chest. Oliver starts towards the water, the rocks cold under his feet.

The raft washes ashore via a little wave, prodding it to go onto the hard land, safe and secure. Oliver reaches the little chest and admires the beauty. It is not encrusted with jewels or diamonds, or anything that a normal human would find attractive, but it is carved of light driftwood, and smooth to the touch, as is all things that fall to nature's planned fate, to be used as things of beauty or to feed the artists of the world. The box is reinforced with a shiny metal, cold, like all things around, to the touch.

The box opens on its own accord to the surprise of Oliver, which retreats a few steps, straightening up in his motion. On guard to anything that may come out. Though, the box seems harmless, the wild in unpredictable and Oliver knows this. A little light emanates from the box, now ajar. The inside is lined with cotton, soft and fragile. Oliver takes a few steps forward to peer into the box, only to find a little seeing glass. The light, which reflected off of the cloud covered sun, made the experience all the more whimsical and magic.

Oliver promptly grabbed for the brass looking glass. Wondering what wonders it can reveal. He was about to enter a whole new world, a whole new vision, a whole new experience of life. The device looks old and used. However, it is still lustrous and fantastical. Oliver gazes at it in his hands for a moment before hesitantly putting it up to his eye. Lifting it was easy, and was no heavier than a small pebble, and no longer than his forearm.

The sight Oliver sees is overwhelming, as he points it towards the other side of the lake. Visions of animals, big and small, roam the coast. Deer, rabbits, and the works are all bustling around, like a populous community. The land on the other side seems far different than Oliver's own. But he wants to view more of the world around him.

Oliver lifts the scope up to the top of the mountain. The sight is astounding. The graceful snow on the white tip of the mountain peak; blowing and floating in harmony with the elegant gusts of the wind; high up. So high, the birds don't even sing there, the trees don't grow there, not an animal to be seen. However, humans have a drive to do things that nothing, or no one else can do. Achieve the unachievable. It's rather remarkable how humans work. It's a shame they're such blight to the earth.

Oliver continues to gaze at the wondrous mountaintop, and range all around. Taking in all the information there is to take. From the jagged rock formations, carved from the wind, or how the snow piles and collects in the creases and cracks of the sharp and rough mountain slope. He feels a slight fuzzy sensation on his leg. He exits his wondrous world of the seeing glass, to look down toward his feet, just to see a cat. A little fuzzy black cat. It rubs against Oliver's leg over and over. He just watches the cat’s continuous pattern. Back, and forth… back, and fourth… until the cat stops, looks up at him, and meows. The sound sent shivers and frissions all throughout his body; he couldn't help himself and bent his knees to pet the cat that is so cute and seemingly loving.

He pets and pets the cat, and the cat rewards Oliver with pleasant little meows and nuzzles. The black fur is soft and puffy, almost like the animal has evolved to be patted. The cat stopped dead in its tracks and whipped it’s head in the direction of the woods. Not moving a muscle, the cat just stares, with a piercing gaze that could tear the forest in two. Before long, the cat scurried off on it's own accord, a once seemingly calm animal, showing the unpredictable side of the wild things.

Oliver was rather upset at the disappearance of the cat. Before he left his own world, living with humans, he had a cat, much like the one just rubbing against his leg, but his was orange, with long hair, and obviously breed and handled in the grasp of man, before being traded, like a toy to a child.

The longer Oliver thinks of his past life, the more glad he is that he had left it. Not forever though, just until he figures out what to tell the humans upon his return. Oh how he loathes humans. No matter what beauty they can create, whether it be art, love, or advancement in science; they are all evil. Inherently good some claim from century's past, destructive in nature others say. No matter what you say, killing the one being that is keeping you alive is not okay, it is evil. An evil apprentice kills their master; humans are no different.

A single tear rushes down Oliver's downward facing face, as if it did not want to be seen. A slight sniffle escapes him and he regains control of his emotions. He lifts himself off the ground, where he was previously enjoying a cat, to again, take up his scope. He points it instead toward the water, far off to the left, somewhere down the lake in which he had always wondered about. The place in which he had no ability to look before. His attention is now solely on the other side of the lake. It was cast in a large shadow, and not because of the mountain, but because there is a colossal sized overhang, just peeking off of a cliff that is connected to one of the mountains in the range. He spots a strange shape, rather obscure under the darkness of the shade. A yellow tinge was the only thing Oliver could make out.

He puts the glass down from his eye and try's to see if he can spot anything that can be seen better with vision abroad.  The only reception he gains from this is a glint, a reflection, something shiny, which makes Oliver confused. He squints to see better, and it doesn't help very much. He did notice after awhile that it wasn't a reflection, because it disappeared abruptly. The anomaly Oliver has been wondering about vanished from sight, nowhere to be seen.

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