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Post by missneutrality on Fri Sep 16, 2016 9:30 pm

*Politics & War Leader Name: Colin Smyth
*Politics & War Nation Name: Socker-bit
*Politics & War Nation Link:
*Have you applied to the GPA in-game?: Yes!
*Are there multiple nations on your connection?: Technically yes, but my brother owns the other one and he no longer plays. So I suppose not.
*If you have multiple nations, are you willing/able to delete the extras: N/A
*If you've received any recruitment messages from a GPA member in-game, please list names: N/A
*Do you post or comment on the Politics & War forums regularly?: Typically yes Smile
*By what means did you discover the GPA?: Saw it a looooong time ago. Always thought it would be nice to go the neutrality route. Now I am really realising it would be healthy for my nation recovery.
*How long have you been playing P&W on your current account?: 182 days.
*Have you previously played P&W, if so list all previous ruler and nation names: N/A
*What alliances have you been in, from first to last?:
-Black Knights
-United Western Allies (no longer exists)
-Magister Mortalis (May technically still exist, however, it majorly disbanded)
-Synergy (No longer exists)
-The Order of the White Rose (see note)
*The GPA has the following policies in place, do you accept them?: Yes!

A few things:
Yes, I am aware my nation is still currently at war. That war will expire soon. I am in the war and had aggressed some people from that alliance due to the fact that I was mostly forced. It was either fight or have the alliance members drain you. ): Now they say I have "deserted" them, however this is not true, since I was forced to fight. (It's ashame, I joined to avoid conflict). I have been fined $5M for this "offense". I have a week to pay it off, however I should have no issue doing so. I will simply let this go in order to avoid trouble. I understand that this debt may delay my application process. That is fine.
I hope my application is accepted. Thank you!***

~Colin Smyth


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Re: Application

Post by Francisco II on Sat Sep 17, 2016 12:51 am

We will accept your application after you solve your issues. Post here again to let us know. Greetings.


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