Application for membership

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Application for membership

Post by Ryoku on Sat Jul 02, 2016 11:03 am

Politics & War Leader Name: Ryoku
Politics & War Nation Name: the greater america
Politics & War Nation Link:
Have you applied to the GPA in-game: I don't know what GPA is.
Are there multiple nations on your connection: Yes, Only one more of my brother (because we have a single internet connection at home)
If you have multiple nations, are you willing/able to delete the extras: - NO, but we have read the rules and we will not trade / attack each other ever.
If you've received any recruitment messages in-game, please list names: - none
Do you post or comment on the Politics & War forums regularly: I am new here, I will do it regularly.
By what means did you discover the GPA: None
How long have you been playing P&W on your current account: 0
Have you previously played P&W, if so list all previous ruler and nation names: This is my first nation.
What alliances have you been in, from first to last:
The GPA has the following policies in place, do you accept them: I don't know what GPA is


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Re: Application for membership

Post by Francisco II on Sun Jul 03, 2016 5:55 am

We can't allow multiple accounts on our membership. Please delete one of your accounts or switch network.
Until then your application won't be reviewed.


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