DeustchReich Restored

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DeustchReich Restored

Post by Hunter on Fri Jun 17, 2016 4:08 pm

After the emperor had died, all of his leaders and government were arrested, many were executed for war crimes or inhuman actions, the others were exiled to the isles of death. The German Flag once shined on the darken nation, awaking it. Many of the people in DeustchReich were happy to be free, however the dark secrets of empire and its cruelty, the death chambers the mass graves and many more horrors untold, all leadership in the Empire responsible will be executed.

The Bundeswehr discharged all Imperial Soldiers brining their army from 1.25 million to 400,000
The luftwaffe has begun to repair its damaged aircrafts
The Imperial DeustxhReich Navy has retained its title saying that it will not relinquish its history legacy and name because of the Empire

Angela Merkel has said rebuilding will take time, but the scars will not heal Shortly

Imperial loyalist refusing to accept this have formed their own Mini German Empire, however they were surprised when The DeustchReich accepted their independence granting them another 5k acres of land, their Emperor Franz has stated they will remain close partners with their brothers on the west. Frankfurt is their capital

All Germans wanting to stay will be given Imperial Citizenship all that leave will be given German Citizenship and vice versa.

The Germanic Brotherhood Bridge is being constructed over the river that will separate the DeustchReich and Empire of Germany

592,829 soldiers from the Imperial army rejoined the new Imperial Defence Force, but those who participated in war crimes were apprehended and returned to the DeustchReich were they were executed

FSB agents are currently looking for all government or leaders in the former German Empire to bring them to justice

More news will come shortly,

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