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Cease Baggering Athretvari Empty Cease Baggering Athretvari

Post by Athretvari on Mon Jun 06, 2016 10:27 am

That a true record be kept and all the memvers of the GPA be informed, the following message sent in tesponse to the continued baggering by Oberstein of foreign nations not in the GPA, specifically mine own.


Hello Oberstein,

Please be advised that after just joining into an alliance called military mobilization against an enemy not directly attacking Athretvari, fight valiantly and losing much military equipment and stocks, using the CIA to take out enemy nukes and spies, eating 12 nukes, and asking zero from the GPA to recuperate or in compensation. Athretvari considers all debts and dues to the GPA repaid in kind and full, and either declared forgiven or voided for GPA internal accounting purposes. 

I dont want to become enemies of the GPA, but if somehow forced to pay back this measely sum after fighting on its behalf, I promise the full amount will come from the treasuries of the GPA's inactives, at minimum. 

Good day.


Be advised that after voluntarily fought on behalf of this alliance and not requesting to be compensated for the vastly more than 7 million I lost in that effort, I will not suffer any further insults upon myself or nation without responding in kind and full. 

I had promised Oberstein to continue to use my CIA to perform operations against NK attackers, since he has decided to continue to bagger my nation for a measely 7 million after everything I have given, I will cease those operations on the GPA's behalf. 

I wish I could have given you all a more graceful goodbye, I am sorry to the rest of the alliance for the manner it continues to unfold. I wish only to move on and ask the GPA's ToIA to do the same.

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Cease Baggering Athretvari Empty Re: Cease Baggering Athretvari

Post by Maxwell on Mon Jun 06, 2016 10:44 am

When you join an alliance, it is not "voluntary" to defend your alliancemates, it is expected and you aren't rewarded for doing so other than with the honor and rebuilding aid that comes afterwards.

So you were a member of the alliance, the alliance was attacked, you engaged in the war effort, and then you left in the middle of it. If you owe the alliance any money, how exactly does doing what is expected of everyone in the alliance mean you are no longer indebted to us? Our bank programs' terms clearly state that leaving the alliance without repayment of a loan or aid received in the past 30 days warrants collection of that debt in whatever way possible. It is better for everyone that you repay, per the terms of the programs you agreed to, rather than force us into collecting it through other means.

I'm not sure what is difficult to understand about this. You joined, you took part in the bank programs, you got involved in the war effort, you deserted, and now you owe the alliance the money received from the bank programs.

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