Director of The Federal Security Bureau

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Director of The Federal Security Bureau

Post by Hunter on Thu Jun 02, 2016 5:06 pm

Following his failures in the 2016 GPA Embassy Attack, and their failure to capture or apprehend any suspects, as well as the Failure in the 2016 Texan Spy Bombing in the Berlin Naval Yard destroying 3 of our ships and killing 212 Sailors and Marines, The Director of The Federal Security Bureau resigned from his post. A new Director has been installed and promises to bring the FSB to greater power and strength, a name that will strike fear into the enemy of The DeustchReichs heart.

Her new reforms are showing promise after FSB Agents were able to complete over 3 incursions into the NK and sabotage their factories and their Civil Infustructure.

The FSB declassifed Operation Red Serpant,
The Red Serpants and FSB Operatives went into Clymia a NK Member, after of which they raided The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and discovered Doucments linking their nation to the 2016 GPA Bombing attack and the Terror group Red Devils. The FSB quickly stole much of the data and information and blew up the east wing of the building, 3 NK Guards were killed and unknown in the blast.

The New FSB Director Emma Angela Hotzendorf

FSS and FSB Agents assisting Greater Germans, GPA, and Cape Bretonians stuck in DeustchReich return to their countries after the horrific attack this week.


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