DesutchReich Elections

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DesutchReich Elections

Post by Hunter on Sat May 28, 2016 3:54 am

The DesutchReich people's votes are in,

Deutschland First Party holds a majority of the 250/600 seats in the Bundestag
The Communist Party hold 50/600
The Deutsche Volke party holds 200/600 being the second majority
And the Christlich Demokratische Union Deutschlands holds another 50
And 50 Various Independent and other small groups

Federal Republic of DeutchReich

Chancellor: Angela Merkel DFP
President: Josef Müller TDV
Vice Chancellor: Ellena von der Kühn DFP
Minister of Defense: Imperator Wilhelm Rommel DFP
Minister of Finance: Siegfried Schmidt TCP
Minister of Foreign Affairs: Kaiser Von Klause DFP
Minister of Internal Affairs: Ellyzabeth Merkel DFP
Minister of Transportation: Jarvis TDV
Minister of Environment: Rudolph Reinhart TCP
Minister of Civil Defense: Emma Wolf Indepedent
Minister of Education: Von Krüger TDV
Minister of Health: Ludwig Herrmann TCP
Minister of Agriculture: Alia Hindenburg TCP
Minister of Entertainment Allan Öbster TCP

After a failed military operation in the German-Texan war, many of the CDP lost many of its ministerial posts, the Communist Party won major gains taking spots in the Federal Ministry, as well as gaining 10 more seats in the Bundestag, the DFP still held its majority in the Bundestag and holding the onto its ministerial Posts, only losing the Ministry of Civil Defense, however, Emma Wolf has been a close friend to Ellyzabeth Merkel, and Imperator Wilhelm Rommel. The DVP won the presidency and Transport Ministry

The Next elections shall take place on May 2017

The 3rd Bundestag of the Federal Republic of the DesutchReich

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