Annual Germanic Festival

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Annual Germanic Festival

Post by Hunter on Mon May 23, 2016 1:47 pm

The Annual Germanic Festival week Kicked off this weekend. With Her Excellency Angela Merkel meeting Sailors of the Imperial Navy of the DeustchReich. Following of which she went to Konisberg to attend Military Parade with 12,000 Infantry Soldiers 20 Leopard Tanks and the unveil of 10 Lionheart Pablo Tanks as well as an Air parade of the Lufftwaffle. She later on went to greet honorary guest Chancellor Oliver Baird of Greater Germany. They also opened a new Trade deal between the two great nations. They attended the Berlin Opera house to see Noül Chappel, and saw the exhibited Araulius Painting, and ended with a stroll down Stuttgart Palace and Stuttgart Village. Honorary guest Chancellor Oliver Baird of Greater Germany and his esteemed guests are staying at Stuttgart Palace. A midnight Military Honor Parade led by the Imperial Royal Marine Korps and their latest Puma IFV, as well as unveiling the Leopard 3-1 and Puma 2 gifts to Greater Germany.

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