Parliament in Session!

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Parliament in Session!

Post by Justin076 on Sat May 07, 2016 11:06 am

Kingdom of Cape Breton's 2nd Parliament Sits for the First Time!

The Kingdom of Cape Breton, a Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy residing in North America had its Parliament sit for the first time since the recent elections. The new democratically elected government led by Prime Minister James Sutherland of the Conservatives party sat today in the countries Parliament located in Sydney Mines. King Justin076 gave his speech from the throne and laid out various things he wants his government to tackle, including the following:
1. Income Inequality.
2. Increase the Nation's Economy.
3. Increase the Military to 50,000 Personnel, 3000 Tanks, 150 Aircraft over the next few months.
4. Continue to maintain a safe level of pollution in the nation .
5. Establish more social services for the people.
6. Diversify the Economy to a non-resources export based economy.
7. Maintain good and strong relations with the Green Protection Agency.
8. Introduce Legislation on Alcohol Prohibition.

The Conservative Party of Cape Breton won the past election by a large margin as they promised lower taxes, increased wages, more social services and a stronger Military!
Results from the recent election:

The Next Federal Election will occur on July 20th 2005

A Image taken from the Cape Breton Parliament Building today



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