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Post by Altim Atae on Sat Apr 09, 2016 5:45 pm

P&W Leader Name: Altim Atae
P&W Nation Name: Meonesia
P&W Nation Link:
Have you applied to the GPA in-game: Ya
How many wars are you in currently: 0
Is your national color Green: It is now
Do you agree to be bound by the GPA Charter, DoN and DoS: Yes
Do you agree to maintain GPA's military minimum per Council policy: Sure
Do you accept GPA's policy that you can only declare war under orders of a Military Director/Triumvir: Okey
How did you hear of the GPA: I didn't
Name of recruiter if messaged in-game: ^
How long have you been playing P&W on your current account: Like a month
Have you previously played P&W?: Yes, Nation name Rekishstein, had like 5 different leader names for roleplay reasons

Altim Atae

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