Peace with Honor

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Peace with Honor

Post by Lirisa on Thu Mar 31, 2016 11:43 pm

It had come to Her Higness's attention that The Sovereign Realm of Adune, a member state of The Green Protection Agency had came under attack by Eastern Asian Republic.

The Sortanese Royal Guard had been eager to be the ones coming the protection of another in Green Protection Agency. Perhaps to eager to support her allies, Her Royal Highness declared war upon The Eastern Asian Republic.The war was brief, and was resolved in peace.

The Battle of Lambdagrad was fought in two parts: one by air and the other by ground. The Duchess Abigail Morgan reported that the airstrike by Her Royal Highness's Sortanese Flying Corps on the Eastern Asian Republic air force was decisive in favor of The Principality's forces. Her Grace reported minimum casualties to Sortanese forces. The Sortanese Armed Corps, commanded by Sir Riley Fox, had similar success on the ground. Sir Riley commended most of his troops' conduced themselves in honor and magnanimity in victory.Although, he noted, he confiscated some money from soldiers, and Lambdagrad suffered some damage, but her people remained unmolested.

Unfortunately,  Lady Ashley Donald, First Lady of The Naval Guard, reported that the city under her governorship suffered minor damage to its infrastructure. Lady Ashley Donald holds the relatively honorific title of First Lady of The Naval Guard since Sortana had not yet built a respectable ship let alone a navy. Her Ladyship recommends Her Highness consider the building of dry docks and ships.

Envoys from the Eastern Asian Republic were sent with a message of peace. Having heard word that the GPA had negotiated peace. The Truce of Sortana was signed by respective leaders of both nations resolving the brief war with the honor and dignity of both nations intact.

The Sortanese Royal Guard proved its gallantry and valor.

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Re: Peace with Honor

Post by Solaris on Fri Apr 01, 2016 12:10 am

Bah, Humbug. You beat the witch at his own chess game.

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